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Wednesday, 1 May, 2013

::Up For Anything in rooster::

::The Twin in pesto::

::The Show in rooster::

::The Knitting in sand::

::The Gypsy in ocean::

::The Drawing Wall in sand::

::The Drama in cloud::

::The Teacher in pesto::

::The Dance in olive::

::The Toys Every Friday in ocean::

8 Responses

  1. thefolia says:

    Love your wallpaper titles–they are so sweet. Happy Nesting.

  2. Lara Cofiin says:

    I love these patterns so much! Can you send me price info.
    Thank you,

  3. susan zoppi says:

    Your wall paper is so beautiful…do you start with a watercolor and then repeat the pattern? If so how do you do the repeat? This is the only wall paper I have seen in a very long time that I would consider putting in my house, it’s just wonderfully light!

  4. deon marais says:

    please would you be so kind as to where we could order this stunning wallpaper. I am interested in ‘the teacher in pesto’. thanks so much

  5. Aubrey says: loves your designs! We featured your work on our blog:

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  8. Hi, We have 4 x wallpaper boutiques in Australia and I am interested in your ranges, can you please send through some wholesale information

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