Briana DeVoe White is a junior designer at Eskayel who has been with the company since 2014. She manages much of Eskayel’s in-house photography, production art, and graphic design.  Briana has contributed patterns to Eskayel’s artist collections in collaboration with creative director Shanan Campanaro. which can be seen in the Dalili Collection, Jamaa series I, and Jamaa Series II.

Briana grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and after earning her BA is Studio Art from Wheaton College,  went on to study textile design at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Her inspiration comes from an innate need to create and to be in communion with the materials and process of artmaking. Briana also works as a freelance colorist for the fashion industry, creates original artwork, and printed textile designs. To learn more about Briana visit

Briana Devoe

Sultana – Duomo

Souk – Duomo

Felidae – Spectra

Sultana – Tesoro

Sultana – Blanca

Sultana – Cyrrus

Canopy – Cameo

Canopy – Citrus

Souk – Lumier

Souk – Pausa

Canopy – Flint

Felidae – Flint

Sultana Print

Souk – Tesoro

Souk – Duomo

Felidae – Citrus