Shanan Campanaro founded the New York based textile and design studio Eskayel in 2008.

After graduating from art school at Central Saint Martins in London, England Shanan dreamed of a future where she could make a living from her work, and as it turned out surface design was a natural fit.  Over the last 10 years she has translated  her painted work into both printed and woven textiles, wall coverings, and rugs   Her work is meant to transport you to another realm of experience, to be calming yet dynamic, and to remind you of the beauty of the natural world.

Nature and travel inspire her work most. Her design process usually starts with painting from photographs taken during traveling, and then deriving color schemes from natural environs. Water also  plays a major roll in the creative process, painting with aqueous inks and often soaking the paper completely, Shanan loves letting colors bleed through and blend into one another.

Because the earth and oceans provide her with so much inspiration, Shanan has dedicated a percentage of Eskayel sales to environmental non-profit organizations.  She is an avid surfer and shares her adventure and work with her partner of ten years Nick Chacona.

She has designed the bulk of the Eskayel catalog of designs herself, but is proud to now be introducing a small group of artists who’s talents she is enjoying to help cultivate.