Tor Sauder is an interior designer who worked in the Eskayel studio for over two years until becoming a permanent fixture of sheep + stone interiors, a residential design firm in NYC. Tor has contributed patterns to Eskayel’s Dalili Collection, in collaboration with creative director Shanan Campanaro.

Tor grew up in Vancouver, Canada but moved to NYC from London, UK where she studied interior design, formalizing her change in career path. Her curiosity is piqued by the interplay of scale, proportion and form and by the way in which natural materials relate to one another, varying in texture, finish and age. With a love for simplicity, she is moved by the simple notion that space can impact the way we think and feel.

Kalos – Argent

Kalos – Cameo

Splinter – Flint

Splinter – Cameo

Kalos – Sage

Splinter – Perigean