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Wednesday, 16 November, 2016

LIFE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. LET’S TAKE IT DAY BY DAY >> This is the concept behind The Select 7, a curated website from one of our all time favorite Eskayel client’s Pamela Schein Murphy. Alongside her “day job” as head of Marketing and Branding for her restaurant group Benchmarc Restaurants, Pamela is the principle of The Select 7 which takes readers thru 7 days of each featured guest:

Monday | Motivation

Tuesday | Taste

Wednesday | Wellness + Beauty

Thursday | Travel

Friday | Fashion

Saturday | Space

Sunday | Social

Distilling all of her knowledge “from years of travel, research, recommendations and list-keeping” Pamela came up with The Select 7 and “hopes that it will become a hub for friends to share their own years of research, learn about new experiences and opportunities and really, just some cool shit.”

We are very excited and honored to be featured as a guest on The Select 7. Click HERE to read about Shanan’s week!


And be sure to check out Tuesday’s Taste | A Dog’s Life where our office dog Kaya’s home cooked meals get a mention:













Sunday Pasta

Thursday, 5 March, 2015

My friend Ed Garrubbo wrote this incredible cookbook Sunday Pasta. I’ve been following his Garrubbo Guide for a while now and I always find myself laughing at his introductions about why he picks each pasta for each particular Sunday. He has traveled to Italy and found the most authentic Italian recipes – it’s amazing how simple the most delicious Italian food is.

Check out his cookbook below, you can buy it here.

Amber Waves Farm // CSA

Wednesday, 9 July, 2014

Here at Eskayel we try to keep things local, and that includes our food too!  We have decided to join the CSA program at Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett and couldn’t be more pleased with our weekly produce.  Many farms participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) giving you the opportunity to receive local, seasonal, organic food.  Visit to find a farm near you!


Stained at the Dumbo Loft

Friday, 23 May, 2014

Last night a few of us went to Stained, this years Sewing Seeds fundraiser at the Dumbo Loft. Artist Cara Piazza was responsible for the curation of this sensory experience that allowed visitors to engage with natural dyes through the lens of experimentation, ritual and performance. We got to try a cool coffee scrub on our hands and even the food was cleverly chosen so that the waste products could be used to dye!


We’re feeling totally inspired to do some natural dyeing!


Barchetta Restaurant

Friday, 9 May, 2014

Check out this new Italian seafood trattoria Barchetta by acclaimed chef Dave Pasternack and business partner John Meadow. The word barchetta, Italian for ‘little boat,’ is perfectly fitting for this light-filled space that captures the charms of the Mediterranean seaside. Look at the photos below to see our Jangala Citron fabric upholstered on their chairs!

The interiors have us convinced, can’t wait to taste the menu…
blog_Barchetta73  blog_Barchetta78



taco tuesdays

Wednesday, 16 October, 2013


Here’s some really easy vegan and gluten free taco recipes for your next taco Tuesday dinner.

MOLE MUSHROOM – First cut up a bunch of mushrooms and onions and throw them in a satay pan with some olive oil on hi heat.  Then add two spoon-fulls of brown mole paste (from your local Mexican market – ours is Mexico 2000 on Broadway in Brooklyn).  Add some water to make the mole thin and help it mix all over the mixture then cook out all the water on hi heat until the sauce thickens and the mushrooms are well done and shrunken.  Garnish with some fresh cut cilantro on a small corn tortilla.


ZUCCHINI CORN – It’s still corn season so get some fresh ears from the market and cut the kernels off into a pot with some chopped onions and fresh poblano peppers and oil.   Add in chopped fresh market zucchini and a ton of lemon juice – squeezed fresh of course – sea salt and plenty of chopped cilantro.  Cover and let simmer until everything is soft, then take off the lid and reduce the remaining liquid.  Finish it off with more lemon and place on a warm corn tortilla with cilantro as garnish.


Family Heirlooms

Monday, 9 September, 2013

September means Heirloom tomatoes!  We wanted to share some our favorite homemade recipes with you. Here they are mixed into an arugula and red potato salad. A fresh summery salad with a bit of an autumnal twist.
A simple snack of burrata and balsamic+olive oil.  A bit indulgent…but so yummy!

It’s still not quite cool enough for a real bowl of soup in September, so we blended 3 red and 3 yellow heirlooms with half a large pickle, some white lemon balsamic, olive oil and sea salt. Topped with pesto made of basil, olive oil, cashews, sea salt a clove of garlic and a couple sun dried tomatoes.

Want Something to save for later? Try and make your own sun dried tomatoes to add to a variety of meals in the future! They’ll last up to three weeks and always taste better with time.

Savory Summer

Wednesday, 14 August, 2013

There have been many studies that indicate lessening your intake of dairy, gluten, and animal protein will overall encourage a healthier body and mind. One of my favorite documentaries, called “forks over knives”, highlights the real and actual benefits of this type of low fat, whole-food, plant based diet and recently I have been able to convert a few family members. So below, I’ve shared some of my favorite recipes that were inspired by this idea to help them and you have a savory healthy summer!

This salad is so easy and tasty – the only tough part is getting the quinoa to roast just right.

De- vein, and chop some organic green or black kale ( 1 large bunch or 2 small bunches) into small bite size pieces.  Place in a bowl and add some salt and olive oil and massage for around 1-2 minutes.

Cut two zucchinis into long thin strips and place in a baking dish with one onion and some olive oil and salt and broil in the oven until the zucchini and onions are cooked through and a little bit burnt/crispy on the tops.

Take some already cooked quinoa and spread it in a thin layer on top of a baking pan that has a thin layer of olive oil on it so the quinoa wont stick.  Squeeze half a lemon and some salt over the quinoa layer and put in the oven on low broil.   Watch the quinoa carefully – it should brown, but don’t let it burn!

Combined all the ingredients plus the juice of another half or whole lemon in a bowl and feast!

This is a pretty basic dish, Quinoa is really good with roasted veggies because they have so much flavor.  I also like to add a vegan pesto or in this case I added a roasted eggplant tapenade which mixes nicely in as a kind of sauce.

Thinly slice an eggplant and an onion and place on a baking pan with some olive oil and salt and broil until the eggplant is cooked through and crispy in some places.  Dump roasted eggplant and onions into a food processor with some more olive oil and salt to taste.  Blend until you have a smooth tapenade.

Cook your quinoa – for a serving for two I usually use one cup quinoa and two cups of water.

Roast some veggies in the oven until browned and cooked through – in this case I used zucchini, red peppers, yellow squash and onion.

To plate, squeeze the juice from half a lemon onto each plate first (see below), then place a scoop of quinoa, topped with a scoop of the tapenade and cover with the roasted veggies on top.

This post is all about the roasted veggies, because its grill season – any of the oven baked veggies can be substituted for grilled veggies.

This is another Quinoa and grilled veggie dish.

We chopped purple and white fingerling potatoes, heirloom tomatoes and onions up and mixed them with olive oil and salt and put them in the over to bake (I usually use around 400 degrees) until nicely roasted with some crispy burnt bits on top.

Then we placed the juice of one half a lemon in the bowl, and a handful of fresh arugula topped with an extra dollop of olive oil and salt if needed into the bowl.

When the roasted veggies are done we scooped them on top of the arugula, the heat wilts the arugula a bit which makes it nice to mix up.

If you are looking to add some extra protein, I went with fresh scallops tossed in olive oil and garlic to top it off.

Peek Interview :: Our Perfect Day

Friday, 5 April, 2013

Check out our Perfect Day with Peek.

Eskayel Holiday Chocolates!

Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

We are thrilled to have Eskayel for Bird Mast Brothers chocolate again this holiday season!