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The Linen Craft

Tuesday, 31 May, 2016

Libeco, our linen supplier, has been weaving Belgian linen since 1858. They just published a beautiful book illustrating the elaborate process of linen production – from plant fiber to fabric. The book is filled with great imagery and is extremely informative.


“The flax plants are extracted from the soil roots and all: they are pulled, not cut. The valuable fibers extend to the roots of the plant. That is why long stems are preferable as the longest fibers produce the finest quality linen.”

“Thousands of pins comb the flax until only the purest fiber remains.”


“The whole width of the warping machine can be filled with yarn. The warping machine may contain up to 9842 feet of average thickness yarn and up to 32 808 feet of fine yarn.”


“The rhythm of the looms can be heard day and night. At full speed the rhythm of each loom is different, yet harmonious.”

New Space

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

We’ve been gathering inspiration and ideas for our new office / showroom that’s in the works. We move in in early June – just in time for summer parties in the backyard! Very excited over here.


Sources for the images can be found on our pin BOARD.

Wishing you a Dreamy 2016!!!

Thursday, 31 December, 2015

Last year we sent an email with all of Eskayel’s 2014 highlights in detail, since 2015 has been even better, we’ve decided to do it again. So much has happened and some major milestones were reached!

Despite our growth Eskayel is still a very personal endeavor for us, and a reflection of our lives and values. This year we would like to share with you a list of things we are grateful for and love which seem to sum it all up nicely.

We hope your year was awesome too and our entire team wishes you the most productive, kind, fun and wonderful 2016!!!

Things we are grateful for and LOVE:

YOU – Our amazing customer base of extremely talented designers and DIY geniuses! And special thanks for all of your amazing installation shots. ( click the photo below to see our page of your gorgeous installs )


OUR TEAM – From our unbelievably amazing and beautiful (inside and out) studio team to all of the people who are part of production teams, we are so fortunate to have the absolute best people ever working with us.

COLLABORATIONS – with some of the coolest and most random companies out there doing their thing and doing it better than everyone else!


PRESS – We are so grateful for each and every piece ever written or published about our work, be it a personal blog or major publication. Without it Eskayel would not be here today!

OUR STOCKISTS AND SHOWROOMS – The coolest little and big boutiques out there curating spaces for their communities to get inspired about good living and beautiful things.

OUR CHARITABLE PARTNERS WORKING TO SAVE THE PLANET – Being able to make a difference is a big part of our brand and we are so grateful to the charities we support for the work they do to help educate and legislate for our planet and oceans.


OUR CREATIVE FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES – keeping us on our toes and super inspired is not easy but you guys do it on a daily basis!! Having the opportunity to have our work featured side by side in epic projects is a true honor.

PANTONE COLORS OF THE YEAR – Serenity and Rose Quarts basically #eskayelcolor in a nutshell. Unbelievably lucky for us!


IKAT – this year we finally brought our dream of making Ikats with our patterns in Sumba, Indonesia a reality!


RUGS – Launching our own in house rug line has been a game changer and the most fun we’ve had yet. We are currently so obsessed with designing rugs that that’s all you will hear about from now on (just kidding) ( not kidding ).


PATTERN – This is our origin, our ethos, our bread and butter and first true love. We hope to keep it fresh, refined and beyond dreamy in the years to come!


THE BEACH – sand, sun, sea, surfing – need I say more?

NATURE AND THE EARTH – for giving and giving no matter how much we take. My biggest inspiration and where I see the colors at the core of the Eskayel aesthetic.


TRAVEL – Getting out there in the world is the best way to gain perspective and appreciation.


YOGA AND MEDITATION – My way to stay connected to the truth and what really matters.

INSTAGRAM – totally addicted. below are our top nine posts of the year. Our Dynasty pattern is still super popular and upholstery projects have garnered a lot of attention this year. I love that my painting desk is number one :)


Color: Pyrite

Thursday, 17 December, 2015


below left / below right

blog_fractal_resin_lamp_Brueton_chairsblog_singapore-penthouse-design-by-sara-story-design blog_LAGO_restaurant_studiomungeblog_kelly_wearstler_interior_manhattan_bedroomblog_milo_baughman_chairs2 blog_shower_domaine

Shenzhen Biennale 2015

Tuesday, 15 December, 2015

Nick and I were just in Shenzhen for the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture. When we were asked to be part of the Maker Maker exhibition we didn’t fully realize how awesome this exhibition is. We had so much fun exploring it for ourselves at the opening ceremony. Curated by Aaron Betsky, the Biennale explores the idea of urbanism in one of the world’s largest and newest metropolises – Shenzhen is only 30 years old! Artists and architects from around the world are exhibiting work that reflects their experiences and involvement with new technologies and ideas about radical urbanism and planning theory. The entire exhibition takes place in an old flour factory which has been re-purposed and re-built using this concept of reliving the city which is the theme of the entire exhibition. The Maker Maker pavilion where Eskayel was invited to show work is focused on artists and designers using various modern and ancient technologies for producing items which shape people’s daily lives in urban environments.


Our display consisted of three works which illustrate the various production methods of Eskayel, and the process through which their creation combines a mixture of modern and ancient technologies such as hand painting, weaving, dying, and digital printing.  Using these methods and recycled materials connects us and our clients with modern industry in New York as well as cottage industry and ancient arts in places like Sumba and India.

Below on the right is our grasscloth wallcovering. It starts with hand painting then is digitized and digitally printed on hand woven grasscloth, an ancient tradition in China.


Made in collaboration with Threads of Life Gallery Bali, our heirloom-quality ikat textiles (below left) are hand crafted from beginning to end using natural dyes to an exquisite standard usually seen only in museum quality pieces. Our recycled sari silk rugs (below right) are hand knotted in India with 100% recycled fibers. The recycled saris gathered for the rugs are often vibrant and when redyed some yarns remain so — thus bright moments of color are intrinsic to sari silk rugs and part of what makes them so unique and special.


The view across the bay from the Biennale – the dust, pollution and fog made for some crazy lighting…(and some pantone colors of 2016!). Shenzhen it was a real pleasure visiting. So interesting and weird and new and enlightening.


Collection: Built-in Seating

Friday, 4 December, 2015

blog_imagem-816blog_an-island-home-in-amsterdam-dining blog_holley_001-2_905blog_tumblr_mf5478YeFB1qfiijro1_540 blog_hotel-dalmeran-dpages-blog-6 blog_own-entity-banquette-2

Collection: Concrete

Friday, 20 November, 2015

blog_FU_Space_PhilipFYuanblog_holocaust_memorial_berlin2 blog_tadao_ando_church_of_light2blog_abandoned_building  blog_tribeca_synagogue2blog_concrete_archwayblog_concrete_structure

Our favorite Fawn

Friday, 13 November, 2015

One of our favorite clients, interior designer Fawn Galli, pitches Eskayel for almost every project – luckily enough for us! We love how her interiors have an element of surprise and unexpectedness in the way she pairs pieces together. She kindly just sent us these beautiful images of projects where she has specified Eskayel.

Especially love these barrel-backed chairs with the epic royal blue curved velvet sectional.blog_fawngalli_4blog_fawngalli_7blog_fawngalli_1blog_fawngalli_5 blog_fawngalli_3 blog_fawngalli_2blog_fawngalli_6 blog_fawngalli_8

Collection: Brass

Friday, 30 October, 2015

blog_3-interiors-dustjacket12blog_susan_connor_wall_hangingblog_milo_baughman_chairs blog_brass_cabinetsblog_RH_Mini_Pend_PolBrassblog_adler_chairs blog_brass_pendant_1stdibs blog_brass_table_weights blog_brass_tile blog_milo_baughman_sofa blog_wallpaper_restaurantblog_brass_pineapple blog_wearstler_stool


A couple of inspiring videos

Friday, 23 October, 2015

Three videos that touch on nature in some way and how we as humans, both intentionally and inadvertently, fit into it.