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Double dose for the planet

Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

1% of our sales for both May and June have gone to Mission Blue, a non profit that works towards maintaing a healthy ocean and, therefore, a healthy planet!

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Akimbo Fever

Wednesday, 13 July, 2016


For the Love of Purple

Wednesday, 6 July, 2016


The Linen Craft

Tuesday, 31 May, 2016

Libeco, our linen supplier, has been weaving Belgian linen since 1858. They just published a beautiful book illustrating the elaborate process of linen production – from plant fiber to fabric. The book is filled with great imagery and is extremely informative.


“The flax plants are extracted from the soil roots and all: they are pulled, not cut. The valuable fibers extend to the roots of the plant. That is why long stems are preferable as the longest fibers produce the finest quality linen.”

“Thousands of pins comb the flax until only the purest fiber remains.”


“The whole width of the warping machine can be filled with yarn. The warping machine may contain up to 9842 feet of average thickness yarn and up to 32 808 feet of fine yarn.”


“The rhythm of the looms can be heard day and night. At full speed the rhythm of each loom is different, yet harmonious.”


Thursday, 12 May, 2016



 Presidio patterns and rugs reflect on Designer Shanan Campanaro’s Inland San Diego Roots

The collection began with Campanaro fixating on four seemingly unrelated images. A French Deco rug, the Cabrillo Bridge spanning the highway in Downtown San Diego, Eucalyptus trees and a Gauguin painting that hung in the stairwell of her reform school. While working with and painting these images she slowly realized they all connected somehow significantly to her childhood growing up in the suburbs of Southern California.

“This collection is a visual interpretation of my emotional experience growing up in San Diego during the 80’s and 90’s” says Shanan. “When I visit home now, it feels completely different and in this collection I wanted to capture that sense of a time and place lost.”

The Presidio Collection is offered in four repeating wallpaper and textile patterns in multiple colorways pillows, accessories, and five corresponding rug designs.

We will be giving out a poster version of the inspiration collage and lyrics below at our ICFF booth this year :)

presidio_poster_ICFF_homepage Presido_poster-Higher_than_the_sun

New Space

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

We’ve been gathering inspiration and ideas for our new office / showroom that’s in the works. We move in in early June – just in time for summer parties in the backyard! Very excited over here.


Sources for the images can be found on our pin BOARD.


Monday, 14 March, 2016


We will be showcasing

new furniture made in collaboration with Dane co.

new wallpaper, fabric and pillows from our newest Dalili collection

and new wool and sari silk flatweave rugs!

Trade attendees are eligible for for complimentary pre registration here.

Non trade attendees may register as our guest for complimentary tickets by following these steps:

1.       Go to
2.       Choose the number of “General Admission Advance Purchase” tickets.
3.       Fill in the form and enter the promo code ESKAYEL and click “Apply”.

*Please note complimentary tickets are available only prior to the show online, otherwise on-site ticket fees apply.


Old friends, new ideas

Tuesday, 8 March, 2016

It’s always fun to work with old friends so I am excited to introduce a little collab we did with an old friend I went to high school with – Zach of ZB Savoy Bowtie Co, a men’s accessory label in San Diego. They make all sorts of accessories including suspenders, cufflinks and laces. And now they’re available in a select few Eskayel patterns: Natale – cerulean, Laurel Forest – thicket and Ripple – pearl. We think they’ll be great for summer weddings – and though it’s only March, summer feels around the corner with this unseasonable weather we’re experiencing here!

webWIDE_zb_savoy_mixed_3 webWIDE_natale_zb_savoy_ webWIDE_ripple_zb_savoy webWIDE_laurel_forest_zb_savoy_

We are excited to introduce “The Dalili Collection,” Eskayel’s first collaborative artists collection!

Thursday, 3 March, 2016

“Dalili,” meaning “omen” in Swahili, celebrates the discovery and future of three new young and talented designers.

Briana DeVoe White, Tor Sauder and Madison Stirling have all been working with Shanan in the Eskayel Studio for the past few years, and each found inspiration in her signature aesthetic when creating their designs. Shanan collaborated with the three on this collection which is Inspired by Eskayel’s greater color story.

“Eskayel has been fortunate to attract such talented young designers to work in our creative studio,” said Shanan. “ I wanted to find a way to introduce these three ladies and showcase their talent by collaborating with them on a collection for Eskayel.”

Each designer turned to a personal story as a starting point for their patterns. Shanan then worked her color magic on each design in order to reflect Eskayel’s color identity and bring a cohesive feel to the collection.

To learn more about the collection and each designer click here!

briana_tor_madisoneskayel_canopy_citrus_kalos_argenteskayel_wallaper_stele_sage_akkadian_sageeskayel_fabric_felidae_stele_flint_parigean_flinteskayel_wallpaper_akkadian_perigen_kalos_canopywallpaper_stele_citrus_felidae_spectraweb_eskayel_kalos_splinter_cameoeskayel_wallpaper_splinter_flint_canopy_cameo fabric_kalos_akkadian_Splinter

Limited edition stools in three sizes were made in collaboration with Dane Co. with our popular Dynasty pattern printed on dark leather.  To see them visit Volta Ny tonight!



The Tale of Two Cities

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016

Granada offered us more inspiration than we could have wished for. Though we’ve visited Nicaragua a number of times, we were never able to check this city off our list until now. We found ourselves in awe of Granada’s colorful walls set against it’s unique tropical backdrop. We left feeling like this city had two stories to tell…