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Some nice spaces

Thursday, 7 May, 2015 blog_resize_Leigh-Herzig-spec-house-West-Hollywood-photographed-by-Laure-Joliet-Remodelista-16

Rocking Chairs

Friday, 24 April, 2015

Rocking chairs are often restricted to nurseries because they make complete functional sense in there. But take a look at some of these beautiful vintage and new rockers below – they might just make you rethink the role of the rocker. We’re not going to deny that a lot of these would be perfect in a nursery – but many of them would also be perfect in a living space, a corner of a home office, a master bedroom….

Franco Albini style wicker rocking chair


Left: Mid-19th Century English rocking chair / Right: Jacques Adnet leather rocker


Left: Hans Wegner J16 rocker / Right: simple wooden rocker, designer unknown


Acapulco rocker


Left: Verner Panton 1992 rocking chair made solely of rings / Right: 1970s vintage rocking chair


Metal and leather rocking chair by Muller van Severen, 2013


Left: Keyhole rocking chair by Hans Wegner / Right: Illum Wikkelso vintage Sculpture rocking chair


Slatted rocker (designer unknown)


April showers bring May flowers

Tuesday, 14 April, 2015

On this grey spring day we must remember that wet weather is what our flowers need to bloom. Here is an inspiring reminder.

Falling Garden is a beautiful installation by Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger where a diverse collection of botanical oddities are suspended within a 17th Century Venetian church. One of the coolest things about this piece is that despite it’s aesthetic appeal and dainty whimsy, these objects are incredibly unexpected and sourced from all over the world. Some examples include: plastic berries from India, waste paper from Venice, thorns from Almeria, nylon blossoms from a dollar store, pigs’ teeth from Indonesia, seaweed from Seoul, pigeons’ bones from San Staë, silk buds from Stockholm, wild bore quills from the zoo and rubber snakes from Cincinnati…! It’s also cool that visitors were invited to view the installation by lying on the floor.

blog_resize_falling-garden-beau-bon-joli blog_resize_falling-garden-close-up blog_resize_falling-garden-ida-laerke bog_resize_falling-garden-gerder-steiner

Ai Weiwei’s beautiful and conceptual work titled “Blossom” consists of intricate white ceramic flowers oozing from dilapidated spaces. It has been installed on Alcatraz and several hospital ward cells and medical offices. His comment on the piece does a better job conveying the meaning behind the work then I ever could so I’ll leave it at that: “The misconception of totalitarianism is that freedom can be imprisoned. This is not the case. When you constrain freedom, freedom will take flight and land on a windowsill.”

blog_resize_ai-blossom-detail-4 blog_resize_ai-blossom-detail-5blog_resize_ai-blossom-detail-8 blog_resize_ai-blossom-detail-7

TeamLab has created a now familiar (thanks to Random International’s Rain Room) interactive installation with over 2300 alive and growing floating flowers. As in the rain room, the work responds to human presence, highlighting the idea that the viewer and the flowers are of the same root.

blog_resize_Floating-Flower-Garden_05blog_resize_Floating-Flower-Garden_04 blog_resize_Floating-Flower-Garden_12

Instagram Roundup: Sampling

Thursday, 9 April, 2015

Sampling is a really key part of our business as it’s often the starting point for creating new relationships with our customers and it’s always the starting point for new product development. So, included in this instagram roundup is a little ode to samples. We always have tons of samples coming in and out of the studio whether it’s to color match new collections, to compare contract fabric grounds, to see variation across different rug qualities…and on!

Below are images of our some client interior scheming, some samples of our new contract fabric, a few of our rug samples (which Kaya appears to love!) and our brand new grass cloth paper! It’s always fun when designers share their schemes so we get to see how our patterns are conceptualized and incorporated into spaces. Samples can be ordered through our website and if you’re a designer send us your resale certificate and we will in turn send you an intro packet including our trade discount code to receive 20% off all sample / fabric / wallpaper / home goods orders!


Custom Wedding Invitations

Monday, 6 April, 2015

This is a fun project I worked on recently for a client’s wedding invitations in collaboration with Joy Thigpen and Gather & Co.

I painted the giant trees the couple plans to get married under in Napa Valley and the painting was used for the custom stamps and the wax seal.  The couple also got the tree painting, which they see as a representation of their union blown up and framed as a print.  The custom pattern is used inside the envelopes and may be used for some other items at the actual festivities.

I love doing these kinds of custom projects!!

webHALF_wedding_invites6 blog_reszize_tree_and_patternwebHALF_wedding_invites4

NEW Tropic phone cases!

Thursday, 2 April, 2015

New Tropic Collection phone cases are out! We received a few samples to the studio and already have them on our phones…just in time for this warm weather!

Matthew Williams

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

We came across Matthew Williams’ work a little while ago; he’s a photographer based in Brooklyn that has quite an impressive portfolio. His interior shots were what drew us in. Though the spaces he shoots are quite varied architecturally, they’re all very unified through his ability to capture daylight so beautifully. It helps that the spaces are filled with incredible chairs and art and lighting. What a job to get to see inside so many different homes. We’ve selected some favorites below.

blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.461blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.46blog_resize_double2 blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.48 blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.52blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.521blog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.53blog_resize_doubleblog_resize_2015-03-05-at-5.481

Mael Victory

Tuesday, 17 February, 2015

We met the father of this artist on our trip home from Costa Rica the other night. Mael Victory is only 12 years old and has already painted over 200 canvases. He is an extremely talented artist who has been painting since he was four years old. The painting below is a favorite. Check out this video to see him in action. It’s bizarre to watch such a young little thing be so sure of his every stroke. He exudes a defiant maturity and yet produces work that captures the innocence of a child.


And a funny coincidence…below is a masthead I designed for The Voice of Nosara (a local newspaper) years ago and I came across it again on Mael’s fathers website…


The home of Benedetta Amadi

Tuesday, 10 February, 2015

This beautiful San Francisco home, featured last week on Design Milk, belongs to Homepolish designer Benedetta Amadi who is also responsible for the entire re-design. It’s a lovely bright open space with tasteful furniture and a nice mix of textures; it’s clear that Benedetta has an eye for detail – see master bedroom closet millwork and built-in dining table seating. And check out our Dynasty wallpaper in the bathroom – it’s always an honor to see our products used in such cool spaces.

blog_resize_Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-1 blog_resize_Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-2 blog_resize_Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-6 blog_resize_Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-8blog_resize_dynasty_wp_and_fins blog_resize_Homepolish-Benni-Benedetta-Amadi-SF-11

Ensemble Architecture

Friday, 30 January, 2015

Ensemble Architecture is a New York based interiors and architecture firm. They have a dynamic portfolio of residential projects – and a few cool retail fit-outs. One project in particular – a Williamsburg live-work space – caught our eye. Stand out pieces include the dining light, wicker chair, Paul Frankl living room set and the cool planters. There are also a few surprising Ikea items – the dining table and kitchen cabinets; it’s always great to see affordable design put to good use. The workspace is right off of the kitchen but has a cleverly designed sliding door that offers complete separation when desired.

blog_resize_Elizabeth-Roberts-Loft-Remodelista-1 blog_resize_Elizabeth-Roberts-Loft-Remodelista-2blog_resize_Elizabeth-Roberts-Loft-Remodelista-7 blog_resize_Elizabeth-Roberts-Loft-Remodelista-3 blog_resize_Elizabeth-Roberts-Loft-Remodelista-5