Jamaa Series One introduces three new patterns as the first in an ongoing series inspired by travels in Morocco and paintings by Paul Klee. The collection was designed from original artworks painted by founder Shanan Campanaro and for the first time, the artists of the Eskayel Studio Briana DeVoe White and Madison Stirling. The vibrant patterns reflect a softened interpretation of the geometric Marrakech landscape, with a palate inspired by the city and the desert. Medina recalls the geometry of the Marrakesh roofs, while Cherifia is a study in texture. Finally, Souk is presented as one of the most figurative patterns ever realized by Eskayel.

Souk – Pausa

Medina – Tesoro

Cherifia – Duomo

Medina – Cyrrus

Medina – Duomo

Souk – Tesoro

Cherifia – Karmouss

Medina – Pausa

Souk – Duomo

Cherifia – Cyrrus

Medina – Blanca

Cherifia – Blanca

Cherifia – Lumier

Souk – Lumier