Presidio patterns and rugs reflect on Designer Shanan Campanaro’s Inland San Diego Roots

The collection began with Campanaro fixating on four seemingly unrelated images. A French Deco rug, the Cabrillo Bridge spanning the highway in Downtown San Diego, Eucalyptus trees and a Gauguin painting that hung in the stairwell of her reform school. While working with and painting these images she slowly realized they all connected somehow significantly to her childhood growing up in the suburbs of Southern California.

“This collection is a visual interpretation of my emotional experience growing up in San Diego during the 80’s and 90’s” says Shanan. “When I visit home now, it feels completely different and in this collection I wanted to capture that sense of a time and place lost.”

The Presidio Collection is offered in four repeating wallpaper and textile patterns in multiple colorways pillows, accessories, and five corresponding rug designs.