Our 100% cotton jacquard is a luxurious woven that features Eskayel’s signature watercolor look. Woven in the USA and available by the repeat, jacquard fabric is suitable for many uses including upholstery, drapery, and textile wallcovering. The jacquard collection includes patterns designed from original paintings by founder Shanan Campanaro and artists Briana DeVoe White and Madison Stirling while working at the Eskayel Studio. The new designs reflect a softened interpretation of the geometric cityscape of Marrakech, with a palate inspired by both city and desert.

Medina woven jacquard

Souk woven jacquard

Cherifia woven jacquard

Medina – duomo

Souk – lumier

Cherifia – duomo

medina – blanca

souk – duomo

cherifia – cyrrus

medina – cyrrus

souk – pausa

cherifia – karmouss

medina – pausa

medina – tesoro

Palmeraie – duomo

Palmeraie – tesoro