The Dalili Collection. “Dalili,” meaning “omen” in Swahili, celebrates the discovery and future of three new young and talented designers.

Briana DeVoe White, Tor Sauder and Madison Stirling have all been working with Shanan in the Eskayel Studio for the past few years, and each found inspiration in her signature aesthetic when creating their designs. Shanan collaborated with the three on this collection which is Inspired by Eskayel’s greater color story.

“Eskayel has been fortunate to attract such talented young designers to work in our creative studio,” said Shanan. “ I wanted to find a way to introduce these three ladies and showcase their talent by collaborating with them on a collection for Eskayel.”

Each designer turned to a personal story as a starting point for their patterns. Shanan then worked her color magic on each design in order to reflect Eskayel’s color identity and bring a cohesive feel to the collection.

Briana DeVoe White

Tor Sauder

Madison Stirling

kalos – argent

Stele – citrus

felidae – spectra

kalos – sage

stele – sage

canopy – cameo

splinter – cameo

akkadian – cameo

Canopy – flint

splinter – flint

stele – perigean

canopy – citrus

kalos – cameo

akkadian – sage

felidae – citrus

splinter – parigean

akkadian – perigean