Available in select patterns only our CLASSIC wallpaper is traditional clay coated paper manufactured with responsibly-sourced fiber by suppliers who adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry or chain of custody programs.
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SAMPLE SIZE: 7 x 10 inches
STRIKE OFF: 27 X 27 inches
ROLL WIDTH: 27 inches
ROLL LENGTH: 15 feet
MATERIAL: traditional clay coated paper
PRINT METHOD: Digital latex water – based ink
SELVAGE: 1 inch – paper comes untrimmed
DELIVERY: 3-5 weeks

CUSTOMIZATION – Wallpapers are available in custom color and scale for a setup fee of $ 100.
27 x 27 inch strike offs of custom wallpapers are $ 50 each.

HOW TO MEASURE THE AMOUNT OF PAPER TO ORDER – We recommend measuring with a yardstick or steel tape measure. Make your measurements in feet and round off to the next half foot or foot. Measure the wall height from the floor to the ceiling, excluding any baseboards or moldings. Then measure the length of the wall without deducting for windows or doors (this will leave you extra wallpaper in case you may need it). Multiply the two measurements to find the surface area of the wall.
Single rolls of our paper are 15 feet long and 27 inches wide. 1 roll covers about 30 square feet. To find the number of rolls needed to cover your wall, multiply the height and the width of the wall by rounding up each length to the nearest foot. Then divide by 30.
Example: For a wall that is 10 feet 6 inches high by 9 feet 4 inches long. Round up and multiply 11 feet by 10 feet to get 110 square feet. Divide 110 by 30 and you will get 3.6. In this case you will need 5 rolls.
If the number divides out to be .5 or above, you will need to add one more roll on to be safe. If you were to get 3.4, 4 rolls would be enough, but if you get 3.5 to 4.4, you will need 5 rolls.
If you are unsure, please contact us before making a purchase.

ENVIRONMENT – Our water-based inks are non toxic. The digital printing process used eliminates many of the environmental hazards of traditional printing techniques and run-off waste. Our inks are vinyl free. Our papers are manufactured with responsibly-sourced, “elemental chlorine free” fiber, and all suppliers adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry or chain of custody programs including Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) and Canadian Standards Association. Our paper supplier is both an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, and creates approximately 50% of its electricity by low-impact hydroelectric generators and has been designated by the EPA as a National Performance Track Company. 100% of the mill’s short paper fiber is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry for nutrient rich compost or animal bedding.

CARE – Our finished wallpapers can be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth, and are strippable. Eskayel can not be held responsible for damage to wallpaper after it is hung, or if it is not hung using the guidelines listed below.

Eskayel highly recommends consultation with a professional paperhanger prior to installation. We cannot be held responsible for improperly hung paper. Please click here to view the CLASSIC wallpaper INSTALLATION GUIDE