Founded in 2008 by Central St. Martins graduate Shanan Campanaro, Eskayel is a New York based textile design firm.

Shanan has worked in both graphic design and fashion, but has always been interested in interiors believing that the atmosphere and vibe of a room can transform ones mood. Having lived in many different spaces and more than a few countries, the importance of building an environment of true self expression and comfort in each of her homes became a huge priority and obsession.

Eskayel’s mission is to create energetically positive, eco-friendly, wall-coverings, fabric, carpets, accessories and furnishings that are meant to last and bring value through innovation and beauty into the home and public spaces. We have a strong commitment to the environment and we aim to spread that message through our marketing, product description and manufacturing to effect education and loyalty to this cause.

Nature and travel are what inspire us most. The colors of the Sunset and Ocean are a huge influence. Our design process usually starts with painting from pictures taken during traveling and deriving color schemes from nature. Water plays a big roll in the creative process,  painting with aqueous inks and often soaking the paper completely, letting colors bleed and blend into one another.

There is no vinyl in any of our inks or wallcovering substrates which is extremely important to us as VOCs are still  a huge problem in the wallpaper industry.   We only use natural linens and organic cottons for our fabric bases and for our commercial grade fabric and wallpapers we use recycled materials whenever possible. All of our inks are water-based. We produce locally in the northeastern United States, making all  products to order so as to eliminate overproduction and reduce waste.

We also give one percent of our total sales to environmental organizations through our partnership with One Percent for the Planet. Learn more at or visit our GIVING page to see our favorite non – profits.

Please scroll down to learn more about the places we have been, what inspires us, our favorite pastimes and more.

The eskayel team

Our land in Nicaragua

check out #kayaswold on instagram to see more pattern and pup

Prado maker of amzing molas, his mother and I in the San Blas islands

another ensemble by my favorite interiors collaborator

Eskayel x Shutters on the Beach Towel

The window in our office – so lucky to have all this light!

Nick and I doing one of our favorite things

even in the middle of the city nature can take over

Madison, Briana and Tor – Post ICFF drinks

Andrew and Shanan making moves

Hand weaving Ikat in sumba!

Wallpaper samples made to order in our NYC print facility

Our show room in the city – Studio Four

Our furniture at abc home

My favorite clothing store – Bird