How to measure the amount of paper to order

We recommend measuring with a yardstick or steel tape measure. Make your measurements in feet and round off to the next half foot or foot. Measure the wall height from the floor to the ceiling, excluding any baseboards or moldings. Then measure the length of the wall without deducting for windows or doors (this will leave you extra wallpaper in case you may need it). Multiply the two measurements to find the surface area of the wall.

Single rolls of this paper are 15 feet long and 33 inches wide. 1 roll covers about 40 square feet. To find the number of rolls needed to cover your wall, multiply the height and the width of the wall by rounding up each length to the nearest foot. Then divide by 40.

Example: For a wall that is 10 feet 6 inches high by 9 feet 4 inches long. Round up and multiply 11 feet by 10 feet to get 110 square feet. Divide 110 by 40 and you will get 2.75. In this case you will need 4 rolls.
If the number divides out to be .5 or above, you will need to add one more roll on to be safe. If you were to get 3.4, 4 rolls would be enough, but if you get 3.5 to 4.4, you will need 5 rolls.
If you are unsure, please contact us before making a purchase.

Wide format wallpaper installation guide

Eskayel highly recommends consultation with a professional paperhanger prior to installation.
These instructions are for our WIDE FORMAT wallpaper only.

Wall Preparation:

Paste Information:

Hanging information: