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Katrina Vonnegut Furniture

I have been working on organizing the photo shoot for the upcoming Era collection (2/01/2011) and am so excited to be shooting at RH Gallery and using some of the outstanding furniture from the designers they represent.
Katrina Vonnegut is a RISDI graduate and has been using dyes on wood and rope that compliment the way I use ink in my paintings, wallpaper and fabric, especially in the new collection. We will be photographing the new wallpaper patterns with her furniture as well as with some items from Fredrik Farg and Young Sook Park, also represented by RH Gallery. Katrina and I are also thinking about how we can collaborate using my fabrics as upholstery on a piece for Eskayel’s ICFF booth.
You can view Katrina’s new work January 18th at RH Gallery. Details are at the bottom of this post.

Katrina Vonnegut

Katrina Vonnegut

Katrina Vonnegut

Fredrik Farg

Young Sook Park

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