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Today’s vacation

The Selby which I adore ( and some day hope to be featured on 🙂 ) recently posted a vibrant picture story about Eric Werner of Peasant in NYC, Mya Henry and their beautiful restaurant Hartwood in Tulum Mexico. This got me thinking about a small spa and hotel I have read about several times over the last few years called Coqui Coqui also in Tulum, and since winter in New York refuses to leave, I wish with all my heart I was there right now. Not that I don’t love sitting here at my desk listening to music on the Colette website and designing limited edition scarfs for Sight Unseen’s upcoming design week showcase or planning the Eskayel ICFF booth. These activities feed my soul, but its freezing and raining today and I could really use some sunshine……

AND a luxury hotel experience at the beach like this at Coqui Coqui,

and a fine dining experience like this at Hartwood.

The photos above of Hartwood are from The Selby

Music courtesy of colette.

I also found the perfect beach accessory in the Colette eshop. These small Japanese hand towels would be amazing beach towels if they were enlarged!