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There is an interesting exhibition at the Proposition gallery featuring c. 1950’s furniture from James Mont and wallpaper from Soy Este. The Closing Party is this Sunday May 1st and will feature “sake, chocolate, and murder ballads performed by Elizabeth Butters.”

Here is what the gallery has to say about the show:
Back when people smoked cigarettes and drank martinis with no awareness of negative consequences, James Mont was designing outrageous living rooms with sofas covered in exquisite densely textured fabrics and furniture with complex surfaces piled with layers of tinted lacquers and gold and silver leaf.

This exhibition will bring you into a living room of the future set in the past and the gallery will be divided into three segments, all containing arrangements of c.1950 vintage furniture designed by James Mont amidst appropriately themed patterned backdrops of custom wallpaper designed by Este Lewis.

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