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Favorite sources for recipes lately

While we are on the subject of food, these are the books and newsletters I am loving getting recipes from lately.

*Pure Wow Recipes– so many yummy little things. One of my favorites is the pea/arugula pesto soup.

*Garrubbo Guideis hands down the best for pasta. Ed Garrubbo is an old family friend and his write ups are hilarious.

*Cornelia Guest’s Vegan Guide has the most amazing photos all taken at her family’s estate. I love learning new vegan recipes, although she is a little heavy on the garlic.

*Ancient Grains – I love this book. We love incorporating Quinoa, farro, wheat berries, and other grains into our diet! The food is so healthy and so satisfying.

*Indonesian Foods- Love this kind of food and the recipes are really fun for adventurous grocery shoppers! Also an insane amount of vegetarian options.