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taco tuesdays


Here’s some really easy vegan and gluten free taco recipes for your next taco Tuesday dinner.

MOLE MUSHROOM – First cut up a bunch of mushrooms and onions and throw them in a satay pan with some olive oil on hi heat.  Then add two spoon-fulls of brown mole paste (from your local Mexican market – ours is Mexico 2000 on Broadway in Brooklyn).  Add some water to make the mole thin and help it mix all over the mixture then cook out all the water on hi heat until the sauce thickens and the mushrooms are well done and shrunken.  Garnish with some fresh cut cilantro on a small corn tortilla.


ZUCCHINI CORN – It’s still corn season so get some fresh ears from the market and cut the kernels off into a pot with some chopped onions and fresh poblano peppers and oil.   Add in chopped fresh market zucchini and a ton of lemon juice – squeezed fresh of course – sea salt and plenty of chopped cilantro.  Cover and let simmer until everything is soft, then take off the lid and reduce the remaining liquid.  Finish it off with more lemon and place on a warm corn tortilla with cilantro as garnish.


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