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Baby it’s cold outside!!

webFULL_dea_capsule_header2February is a hard month on the east coast with brutal weather and the delays and the mess it can cause, not to mention its just plain freezing!!! But at Eskayel we actually LOVE February, because we have so much to celebrate: Both mine and Nick’s birthdays, our wedding anniversary (2 years and counting), and Briana’s 1st year anniversary with Eskayel!

In Celebration of these events, our love of February and the sign of Aquarius we are launching the Dea Capsule Collection We used our party decorations as props and we hope this capsule will brighten your day and get you in the party mood this weekend, even if the wind chill factor is 20 below!

All patterns are available on our classic wallpaper, natural fabrics by the yard and pillows.



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