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New York Spaces interview

See our interview in New York Spaces below.

NYS: When did you found your company, Eskayel?

Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel: 2008

NYS: What led you to found Eskayel? What were you doing previous to founding your company?

SC: I was working in fashion doing graphics for clothing but I was also painting and showing my work at exhibitions and benefits for environmental causes. I had made some wallpaper out of my paintings for a few exhibitions, and then decided to make some for my home. After having the wallpaper in my home for about a year, I then decided to start designing my own collection of wallpapers.

NYS: How did creating backdrops for art installations in NYC drive you to want to open your own company?

SC: I always planned to have my own company. I tried to have my own line of t–shirts early on without much success. I heard about the Brooklyn Designs trade show that had a jury for entry, so, I applied. Once I was accepted, I then to set up the company. Things just went on from there.

NYS: Where does the name Eskayel come from?

SC: It’s a made up name meant to sound like a surname. I wanted my company to have a name that can encompass more than just my designs and my name.

NYS: What is your company’s mission? What manner of home décor items do you create?

SC: Our mission is to create energetically positive, eco-friendly textiles—from wallcoverings and fabric to accessories and furnishings. All of these are meant to last and bring value through innovation and beauty into the home and other spaces like hotel rooms and restaurants. We have a strong commitment to the environment and we aim to spread that message through our marketing, product description and manufacturing to effect education and loyalty to this cause.

NYS: As a California native, an artist, a yoga and travel lover, where does most of your inspiration come from?

SC: I get the majority of my inspiration from nature and my travels. The sunset colors and water are a huge influence. I am also influenced by other types of pattern-making like Batik, Ikat, Shibori, etc.

NYS: Where do your patterns derive from? What is your design process?

SC: I usually start by painting from pictures I have taken during traveling. Then, I use other pictures of nature and areas that are less touched by man to derive color schemes. Again, I am also influenced by other types of pattern-making like Batik, Ikat, Shibori etc.

NYS: Many of your designs have an undulating effect. Do oceans and bodies of water heavily influence you?

SC: Yes! I am obsessed with the ocean! Many of my collections come from that and I also paint with water and ink, often getting the paper completely wet before I start. So yes, actual water plays a big roll in the creative process for me.

NYS: What are you favorite travel destinations? How do they influence your designs?

SC: That’s a hard question because I have been fortunate to travel to a lot of places—both near and far, and have fallen in love with each place. I love Indonesia and India where you see so many talented artisans, working with stone, dyes, wood, fabric and anything else you can imagine. When you go to such places, the skills and art produced is almost too much to bare! I also love remote and wild places where animals are abundant and there are not so many people. I love Nicaragua and Iceland for these types of natural experiences.

NYS: How are your designs eco-friendly?

SC: We never use vinyl in our inks or wallcovering substrates—this is a huge problem still in the wallpaper industry. We only use natural linens and organic cottons for our fabric bases and we use recycled materials for our commercial grade fabric and wallpapers. Our inks are also water-based, making them eco-friendly. We produce locally in the North Eastern United states and all of our products are made to order so as to reduce waste in over production. We also give one percent of our total sales to Environmental organizations through our partnership with One Percent for the Planet.

NYS: Where can we buy your products?

SC: You can purchase products online at, by visiting our studio showroom in Brooklyn and trade clients can visit Studio Four in New York City. All of our exclusive designs for ABC Carpet & Home are available online at and in the stores.

NYS: Who would you most like to see buy one your products?

SC: I don’t have a dream client per se, I just want everyone to buy Eskayel.

NYS: What is one of your favorite designs and why?

SC: Oh wow, quite the question! We just started making our own furniture in collaboration with Dane Co. and created a pattern (called Alabaster) that looks like marble. The stunning tabletops are coated with lacquer to look like slabs of marble and I just love it! The collection is also available in wallpaper and fabric!

NYS: What can we expect from Eskayel in the future?

SC: We have a lot coming up! We are making our own rugs now in a number of different qualities, we’re continuing to produce furniture and we even have an artist line coming out towards the end of the year designed by our three talented employees!

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