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Brooklyn Bicycle Collaboration

We’re very excited about our recent collaboration with Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Their best-selling handcrafted wooden rear crate is papered with our Poolside – Pool pattern! It’s printed on waterproof material and the crate has been engineered for weather-resistance and durability. We’re so happy to announce that all proceeds from the sale of these limited edition crates will be donated to a local women’s empowerment organization WE Bike NYC, which aims to break down barriers to cycling for women, those who identify as female, and gender-nonconforming individuals.

We were lucky enough to be gifted with one of Brooklyn Bicycle’s Franklin bikes with the crate on the back. It came at the absolute perfect time – one of our employees, Madison (pictured below), had her bike stolen out of her apartment building just a few weeks ago. It was such a bummer and she is so thrilled to now be riding this cruiser around town!

blog_Madison's-New-Wheels blog_Madison's-New-Wheels_24 blog_Madison's-New-Wheels_25blog_Madison's-New-Wheels_32

Thanks to Dani Mac for the photos!



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