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Old friends, new ideas

It’s always fun to work with old friends so I am excited to introduce a little collab we did with an old friend I went to high school with – Zach of ZB Savoy Bowtie Co, a men’s accessory label in San Diego. They make all sorts of accessories including suspenders, cufflinks and laces. And now they’re available in a select few Eskayel patterns: Natale – cerulean, Laurel Forest – thicket and Ripple – pearl. We think they’ll be great for summer weddings – and though it’s only March, summer feels around the corner with this unseasonable weather we’re experiencing here!

webWIDE_zb_savoy_mixed_3 webWIDE_natale_zb_savoy_ webWIDE_ripple_zb_savoy webWIDE_laurel_forest_zb_savoy_

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