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The Nocturne Collection offers Textiles, Wallpaper and Decorative Accessories in Five Celestial Patterns

Nocturne,  takes inspiration from elements of the cosmos, including star formations, galaxies and the night sky. In a graphic exploration of the celestial world, Nocturne combines bursts of light with stormy colors in kaleidoscopic motifs for each pattern. Each dreamy pattern reflects a unique sensibility where artisanship meets modern design.

“I played with the concept of light shining through the darkness for this collection.  Each pattern is a visual representation of light and energy formations in the sky. I wanted to capture the essence of light in nature, but also interpret the idea of one’s inner light.” – Founder and Creative Director Shanan Campanaro

The new collection features fabrics, repeating wallpapers and decorative accessories, with each pattern offered in two different colorways. Fabric grades available include oyster linen, organic denim and a 50/50 linen cotton blend. Wallpaper is available on Eskayel’s new Classic Matte paper which is digitally printed with water-based ink and manufactured through an eco-friendly process.

Starting this March, a selection of products will be stocked for immediate purchase at Eskayel’s Brooklyn showroom and all items are available to order.  Click here to view the entire collection.

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