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Part of an ongoing series inspired by travels through Morocco.Eskayel_jammaa_series_one3

“Although I am usually influenced by nature,
I found intense inspiration in a city after a recent trip to Morocco.
As we spent evenings on the roof overlooking the geometry of the city-scape,
I became interested in creating a series of abstract and geometric designs
evoking the shapes and colors of the Saharan urban sphere.”

Eskayel_jammaa_series_one4Eskayel_jammaa_series_one9  Eskayel_jammaa_series_one0Eskayel_jammaa_series_one1

“Upon my return, I shared a brief with my studio team
explaining the direction I wanted the collection to take.
We each set about independently to compose a body of original work,
each our own, in order to create a true
“variations on a theme” feeling.
Once finished we re-convened to design and re-color the patterns
so they would form a cohesive whole contextually together.”

Shanan Campanaro
Creative Director and Founder

Eskayel_jammaa_series_one6Eskayel_jammaa_series_one5  Eskayel_jammaa_series_one8Eskayel_jammaa_series_one7

Jamaa Series One features three patterns available in four to five
colorways each. Medina recalls the geometry of the Marrakesh roofs, while
Cherifia is a study in texture. Finally, Souk is presented as one
of the most figurative patterns realized by Eskayel.
Available fabric grounds include oyster linen, heavyweight linen,
organic denim and a 50/50 linen cotton blend. Wallpaper is available
on Eskayel’s classic paper by the roll. Pillows, poufs, and waterfall benches
are also available for purchase in a range of sizes.
As always, everything is custom made to order and lead times apply.  Please get in touch for more information or ordering.
Email us at info@eskayel.com, or call our office at 347.703.8084.


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