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“I love working on custom designs and creating art that is a synthesis of my style and a designer’s vision.” – Shanan Campanaro

Eskayel offers collaborative custom designs for your wallpaper, rug, and textile projects. In addition to offering custom color and scale scale of our entire collection, completely original patterns and artworks can be created in collaboration with our founder Shanan Campanaro using her signature style. We work with your color palette and customize the work to your scale using any of our materials including wallpaper, fabric and rugs. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you and your clients.

For more information on custom commissions, please contact or set up a virtual consultation.

A Custom Commission Conjures 
a Jungle in a Rainstorm

“When one of my favorite designers and clients, Fawn Galli, first told me she was interested in a custom mural wallpaper for the open-span three-story stairway of her new brownstone I was immediately excited to hear more.”

“…She asked me to create a forest or a jungle in the midst of a rainstorm with sun shining through the downpour, and suggested the artwork be a little off kilter, moody, and atmospheric, with a black and white palette…”

As inspiration she sent me tons of photos of plants that really speak to her. We discussed the scale of the work and I decided that rather than a single large painting it would be more interesting to do a series of individual works which would be used as elements of the completed entire piece. I began by selecting a hand made paper with a toothy surface which has intrinsic spots and blemishes from the fibers it was made from as the foundation of the work. I knew this would help create atmosphere in the background when the works were enlarged. Using primarily black ink I created several paintings of palms, ferns, trees, leaves, and rain. Although this took a few days to finish, it turned out to be the easiest part of the whole process! Once the series was complete, our design team scanned them at the highest possible resolution to retain all of the character of the paper, and then I began collaging the paintings together to complete the composition. This is the most difficult part of the process as the scale was monumental and it took several days. Once the final art was complete we set upon the layout for the mural to send to print. We decided to use a luxurious slightly textured non-woven vellum paper that is 100% sustainable and made from wood pulp which is sustainably harvested in the US.

A Floral Mural is Commissioned to Accompany the Odalisque Paintings of Matisse​

Throughout the years, our creative director Shanan Campanaro has amassed a vast selection of textiles from her travels which serve as continual inspiration. So when the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena approached her to create a large scale wall mural inspired by the richly patterned backdrops Matisse used in his paintings to accompany their upcoming exhibit Matisse/Odalisque, she knew just where to start.

“By mimicking the lines of the Belize textile in my ink paintings I was able to synthesize a balance between my personal style and the feeling evoked by this selection of Matisse’s work.”

A Minimalist Rug Design
Starts with an Ocean Wave

When an Interior Design client Joe Robbins asked Eskayel to design a rug they had a few specifications; that it would be round and have minimalist painterly element. Being that nature is always Shanan’s first source of inspiration she decided to begin the process by painting a wave seemingly in movement. The wave complimented the round shape of the rug to create a simple but harmonious design.

Inspiration is Drawn from the Coffee Plantations
of Starbucks for a Custom Pattern

When Starbucks enlisted the help of Eskayel to create a wallpaper for their stores they sent over many images of their plantations all over the world. They loved our “Cocos” pattern and hoped that Shanan could create a similar design with coffee plants.

Using the images provided by Starbucks, Shanan painted many elements that would eventually be used to design a lush pattern of coffee leaves and berries.

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Eskayel Studio and Showroom is the home of our creative team as well as a space dedicated to showcasing our full range of patterns and products.

For further information, general inquiries, book an appointment to visit our Showroom.