Gordon Hull

Gordon Hull

Gordon Hull

Gordon Hull is a New York-based artist and creative director. “All of my work is inspired by a certain idea around ‘lo-fi magic,’” he says. “It’s about hiding complexity inside simplicity. It’s about describing feelings and colors and leaving marks that to me have an energy of optimism and life.” 

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  • A chair in front of a white wall with a pink vase
  • A blue and white wallpaper in a kitchen

Designed from his enchanting artwork, Gordon’s Vol de Nuit is a pattern that immerses us into a dream world of characters, locations, poetry, and language. The seemingly random pieces hidden within the work merge to create an uplifting, imagined narrative. “I want to make something that every time you look at it, you notice something new.”

A close up of a piece of fabric with drawings on it

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