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Ecuatorial Geometry

With a nod to the lush vegetation and natural patterns of tropical environments, Ecuatorial Geometry is a collection rich in simple shapes.

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  • A white pillow with fish scales
  • A roll of fish scales wallpaper

Baby Scallop

In our new Baby Scallops design, watery pigments in muted tones run full-bleed to outlines of overlapping curves. This rhythmic option is available as fabric, wallpaper, and pillows in a handful of evocative colorways.

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  • Three rolls of wallpaper with watercolor designs
  • A chair with a colorful fabric


Sorisa is our new chevron pattern that borrows from the natural geometric structures found in tropical plants and trees. It comes in a choice of four colorways.

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  • A close up of a pink and blue fabric
  • A room with a desk and chair


Inspired by the trunk of a tree, the Arcos design from our Ecuatorial Geometry Collection introduces a soft sequence of overlapping columns and curves held together with watery palettes and a dense composition. Choose from custom fabric, wallpaper, and pillows in four colorways and cue the natural patterns and moods of the tropics.

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A dining room with a table and chairs

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