Jamie Derringer

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Jamie Derringer

Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer is a self-taught artist who founded Design-Milk.com in 2006 and grew the brand to over a million readers and 9 million social followers, becoming one of the most popular destinations for design, interior design, and architecture. 

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The Sea Galaxy pattern is the result of a collaboration between Jamie and Shanan Campanaro that began when Jaime commissioned Eskayel to help her design custom drapes for her living room using her own artwork. While Jaime’s intricate graphic drawings are made up of defined shapes, Shanan is known for her fluid, watercolor style featuring organic forms. Jaime was drawn to the idea of giving Shanan the freedom to reinterpret her drawings in her own medium and signature style.

  • A white couch in front of a white wall
  • A black table with two stools in front

“I love the idea of pushing my art into new territory. I was excited to see how Shanan could soften my hard edges and create a more liquified, ethereal world,” Jaime says.

Two women sitting on a purple couch in front of a colorful wall

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