The journal cover, featuring vol 4, beautifully transmits the essence of Peloponnesus, Greece

Peloponnesus, Greece

Before and after spending time with family, we stopped at incredible villages and towns along the Taygetus mountain ranges and the twisting coastline of the Myrtoan Sea. Our wanderings and the scenery we encountered inspired the Morea collection and the patterns Mani, Emvasia, and Aionas

Guide by Shanan Campanaro

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"We first traveled to the Peloponnesus peninsula at the southern tip of the Greek mainland to explore where Nick’s family originates. What struck me most about the region was how large and vastly unpopulated it felt. We found ourselves driving through totally uninhabited landscapes, which felt quite dramatic and wonderful. The terrain was extremely dry as it was August, so naturally we sought out the sea as much as possible…"

— Shanan

A dead tree next to a body of water


This ancient walled town was our first stop. It’s a beautiful little island connected by a bridge to the mainland. There’s a huge rock in the middle and gorgeous ruins toward the top. I was really inspired by the fauna we encountered as we hiked – the century plants wound up in our Aionas pattern and the heather and brush of the hills can be found in my Emvasia design.


Kisterna Hotel: An absolutely gorgeous sanctuary outside of town, worth a visit for sure.

  • Athivoli


    Super cute spot offering a contemporary take on Greek classics. Don’t miss the top notch olive oil for sale.

  • Marianthi


    Yia Yia’s cooking in the center of the historic old town. Authentic, delicious, and original - every plate has history!

  • Epithilion


    In Foutia to the south and up on a picturesque hill, another essential stop for good eating.

A beach with clear blue water and a rocky shore


Accessible by a quick ferry, this is another island with the most gorgeous white sand beaches and clearest blue water.  Depending on the weather it can be quite windy but it’s incredibly picturesque. 

We spent the day at Simos Beach.

There are lots of restaurants right on the harbor but Ourania was our fave.

  • Kosmas

    After staying with Nick’s family in the mountains, we headed east towards the Myrtoan Sea. We stopped at this cute mountain village, which had the most beautiful piazza and the best Greek pastries.

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  • Myrtoon

    Totally the best meal of the whole trip. About an hour’s drive from Kosmos and set right on the sea, there’s a real family vibe on the beach so you can swim after you eat.

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Travel tip:

I didn't get into Athens in this edit, but make sure you go to Acropolis and see a performance in the amphitheater - just not in August!

A cactus on a hillside


This peninsula has a very harsh history and a harsh rocky landscape to match. When you see the outline of the landscape meeting the sea, it’s completely stunning. The shapes of the mountainous ridges against the blue water inspired the Mani pattern.


  • Tainaron Blue Retreat

    Tiny gorgeous hotel perched above the sea with just a couple of rooms and a pool. And one of the most delicious and romantic dinners of our life!

  • Limeni

    Cute village with a great vibe and lots of people. I’d go back and stay here in the future if I had the chance.



  • Porto Cayo

    Tiny seaside village in the south. Savor seafood at any of the little restaurants with their beautiful outside tables.

  • Restaurante O Takis

    Incredible place in Limeni with seafood coming right out of the water in front of us!



  • Vlychada Cave

    Take a little boat through the cave and its amazing rock formations. So cool!

  • Lighthouse Tenaro

    A great hike all along the sea to the most southern tip of mainland Greece. Plenty of places to stop and jump in the water, and lots of dramatic cliffs and rocks.

  • Vathi Beach

    One of the most magical places to swim. When you drive to this ocean inlet through the cliffs, it looks like a pristine lake within the landscape. But it’s actually the sea!


Inspired by Peloponnesus, Greece