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Domenica Paperweave

Domenica Paperweave||Notte

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Single Roll Width: 33" x 15' LEAD TIME: 4-6 weeks

Vertical Repeat:48.89” halfdrop / Horizontal Repeat:33"

U.S., International & Rush Shipping Available

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Our Paperweave is based on original artwork and is printed  to order locally in the Northeastern, U.S.

LEAD TIME: 4-7 weeks MINIMUM ORDER: 1 Roll


- MATERIAL: Hand Woven Paperweave
- Printed with water latex inks
- SINGLE ROLL WIDTH: 33" x 15'
- Printed continuously up to 30 yards
- SAMPLES: 8" x 10"


The Salentu Collection draws inspiration from regular visits to Puglia, the ancestral home of Shanan Campanaro's Italian family. Along with her ties to the land, she is moved by the region’s people, cuisine, and coastline. Featuring ferns, trees, and views of nature, the Domenica pattern is based on her explorations of the area. It comes as a custom luxury paperweave wallcovering. Notte is black and grey on white.

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Wallpaper Installation Guide

To learn how to get the best out of your paperweave wallpaper, be sure to read our installation guide before cutting and hanging.

Paperweave Technical Info

Paperweave wallcovering has a textural, organic feel. Handwoven, earth-friendly woven paper is backed with chemical-free paper and printed with water-based latex inks. 

Paperweave Wallcovering Installation Guide

Eskayel highly recommends consultation with a professional paperhanger prior to installation. 

This product is handmade and woven, giving the finished product a certain unevenness.

These instructions are for our paperweave wallcovering only.

Wall Preparation

  • Remove all old wallpaper and repair damaged areas. 
  • All walls must be smooth, clean, and free of mildew and grease stains. 
  • If necessary apply a stain killing primer. 
  • Be sure to wash newly plastered walls with a zinc sulfate solution. Follow up with primer sealer such as Roman’s Ultra Premium Pro 977. 
  • On all drywall we recommend using a pigmented wallcovering primer/sealer such as Shields Primer/Sealer.

Trimming and Hanging Instructions

  • Draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor by using a plumb line or straight edge with level. This will be your guide for positioning one edge of the first strip. 
  • Cut the strip to the height of the wall, allowing an extra 2 inches on each end for trimming. 
  • Do not use tape on image surface. 
  • Table trim the selvage at the trim marks.
  • Apply adhesive evenly to the back of the strip, being careful not to get adhesive on the face of the material. Paste only one strip at a time. We recommend a cellulose paste or a premixed clear adhesive such as Roman’s Ultra Premium Clear Pro 88O for best results.
  • Book by folding each end of the strip toward the middle, pasted sides together, aligning the edges carefully so they do not dry out. Roll the folded strip as you would a loose newspaper, again being careful to keep the edges aligned. Let folded, rolled strip to “rest” for three minutes.
  • Bring to the wall and hang, carefully smoothing all air pockets, wrinkles, or excess paste from the center of the strip to the edges. Trim excess at floor and ceiling using a sharp utility knife. 
  • Repeat this procedure with the next strip, sliding it into position with the edge butted up against the preceding strip. Do not overlap seams.


  • Do not use a seam roller as this can discolor the surface.
  • Do not allow material to become too wet. (Because of how the woven material adheres to the backing paper, prolonged soaking can soften the adhesive and cause the grass to separate from the back paper.)
  • Do not allow adhesive or water on the wallcovering surface as it will cause staining or discoloration to the product.
  • This is not a washable wallcovering. Use vacuum only to clean the surface.


Hand woven earth-friendly woven paper is backed with chemical-free paper and printed with water-based latex inks.


Vacuum only - do not dampen

U.S. & International Shipping

All North American shipping is via UPS/ Fedex ground unless otherwise specified, and delivery times vary according to shipping zone. Eskayel cannot be held responsible for delays once the package is in transit. Whenever possible we recycle boxes and packaging material, so if your order comes in a used box think of it as our tiny contribution to saving the planet from more waste. Orders over $100 require a signature unless specifically waived by the end receiver. If signature delivery is waived, Eskayel is released from any and all  liability for missing packages. Fees apply for address changes made after an order has shipped and for returned packages.

Eskayel does ship internationally to most countries around the world. Canada and Mexico are both considered international. We ship with a USMCA certification on all goods. However, orders over $20 sent via commercial carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc) may incur clearing fees and taxes which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Disclaimer: Many countries charge import duties and/or custom’s fees which are the responsibility of the buyer and are paid upon delivery by the buyer. Eskayel cannot estimate these fees as they vary from order to order. If you are unaware if your country charges duties or what the duties will be, please contact your postal authorities to receive more information.

Returns & Exchanges

Eskayel does not accept returns. All of our products are custom made to order, and we highly recommend purchasing samples before ordering larger goods. If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been used or installed, please contact us within 10 days of delivery so we can review your issue.

Product Variation

Due to the bespoke and small batch nature of our products, variations can occur. Fluctuations in the digital printing process, textures of woven natural fibers, and small custom dying of yarn are all issues that can contribute to variation but also offer a one of a kind feeling to our  products. We strive to retain a standard consistency but allowances are made for up to a 10% tolerance of variation.

Further Questions?

Please visit our Help page or Contact Us with your inquiry.

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