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Palmeraie Wallpaper Mural

Palmeraie Wallpaper Mural||Tesoro

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LEAD TIME: 4-6 weeks

Panels A-E / 135” wide x 150" long

Square Foot Calculator

Height (Feet)

Width (Feet)

Total square feet

How to calculate

How to Calculate Vellum Wallpaper

To calculate the square footage of Vellum wallpaper you'll need, follow these steps:

  • Measure the height of your tallest wall.
  • Add 6 inches to that height measurement and round up to the nearest foot.
  • Measure the width of each wall you'll be covering, add those measurements together, and add 6 inches.
  • Round up to the nearest multiple of 2.25 feet by dividing 2.25 into your width measurement from step 3 and rounding up to the nearest whole number to give you the required number of panels

Example: If your tallest wall is 9 feet 10 inches high, add 6 inches to get 10 feet 4 inches. Round up to 11 feet for the height. If you're covering two walls, with widths of 4 feet 7 inches and 10 feet 3 inches, add them together to get 14 feet 10 inches. Add 6 inches to get 15 feet 4 inches. Divide 2.25 into 15 feet 4 inches and round up to the nearest whole number (7) to find the nearest multiple of 2.25 feet. Enter the height of 11 feet and width of 2.25 feet x 7 = 15.75 feet into the calculator to determine the total square footage: Total Square Footage: 176 square feet.

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Square Foot Qty

Our wallpaper is based on original artwork and is printed to order locally in the Northeastern, U.S.

LEAD TIME: 4-6 weeks


- See full mural layout in spec sheet
- MATERIAL: Non Woven Vellum Wallpaper
- Printed with water based latex inks
- Sold by the square foot / Custom panels based on ceiling height
- SAMPLES: 7″ x 10″


Based on a large-scale mural artwork, Palmeraie is a soft interpretation of the cityscape of Marrakech. The original piece used a color palette in ink and watercolor that was inspired by the city and desert of Morocco. This pattern is available as luxury fabric, pillows, and wallpaper. Tesoro is a colorway of jewel tones including blue, magenta, and green.

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Wallpaper Installation Guide

To learn how to get the best out of your non-woven vellum mural wallpaper, be sure to read our installation guide before cutting and hanging.

Non-Woven Vellum Wallpaper Technical Info

This wallpaper is a heavyweight, non-woven vellum wallpaper used for many of our mural patterns. Mural panels are 27 inches wide with custom lengths in one-foot increments starting at five feet, extending up to 15 feet. A complete mural artwork is several panels wide (Panel A, Panel B, Panel C, Panel D, Panel E, etc.) and is priced by the square foot. Before your mural panels are printed, our design team will email you a proof for approval, comprising suggested crop and layout based upon the required panels.

Non-Woven Vellum Mural Installation Guide

This heavyweight, luxe hand-feel paper has an ultra-matte finish to minimize glare. It is suitable for residential and low-traffic commercial locations.


  • The highest quality of workmanship is employed in the production of this wallcovering. While careful inspection is made before shipment, final inspection and approval are the ultimate responsibilities of the customer. Correct design, color, and quantity should be verified before the wallcovering is cut or hung.
  • Inspect your wallcovering for defects prior to installation. No claims will be honored after merchandise has been cut or hung. No labor claims will be honored for any reason.
  • This wallpaper is provided on a continuous bolt.
  • For best results, please cut and hang panels in the order that they come off the bolt. This provides the most consistent color from panel to panel. Work in one direction around the room, with the first and last panels from the bolt meeting in a corner or doorway rather than on a flat wall.

Wall Preparation

  • Remove all old wallpaper and repair damaged areas. 
  • All walls must be smooth, clean, and free of mildew and grease stains. 
  • If necessary, apply a stain killing primer. 
  • Be sure newly plastered walls have been washed with a zinc sulfate solution. 
  • New, unpainted surfaces should be sealed with an oil based primer. 
  • Follow up with a high-quality wallcovering primer sold in your local paint and wallpaper store. 
  • Do not use glue size.
  • Pro tip: On all surfaces that are to be papered, we recommend using a universal pigmented wallcovering primer/sealer such as Shields. The pigment should be the same color as the background color of your wallpaper.

Trimming Instructions

  • Cut the individual panels from the roll. 
  • Inspect the panels and make sure they match the panel map included in the roll. 
  • Use trim marks provided to trim excess from edges of paper.

Pasting Instructions

  • This stain-resistant strippable wallcovering can be hung best with a clear premixed adhesive. 
  • Apply paste generously to the back, edge to edge, smoothly and evenly using a paint roller. 
  • Book the paper by loosely folding the pasted sides together without creasing. 
  • Align the edges carefully so the paste doesn’t dry out. 
  • Gently roll the booked piece to ensure the pasted sides make good contact. 
  • Allow to soak and expand for 3 to 5 minutes. Time is subjective to heat or humidity at the jobsite.  
  • Don’t allow to soak too long in a dry environment as it may dry out the glue.

Hanging Instructions

  • Create a plumb line using either a laser or by drawing with a straight edge and level. This will be your guide for positioning the first panel. Use only a lead pencil for marking walls and back of wallcovering. Do not use ballpoint or marking pen as they will bleed through the surface. 
  • Position the first panel along the plumb line. 
  • Use a smoothing brush to remove all air pockets, wrinkles and excess paste by brushing the wallcovering from the center to the edges. 
  • A seam roller can be used to lightly roll edges of paper being careful not to push paste out. 
  • Repeat the procedure with the second panel sliding it into position with its edge butted up against the edge of the preceding panel. 
  • Do not overlap the panels. 
  • Wash any glue residue from surrounding wood trim/molding immediately upon hanging each panel.
  • Using a clean, damp sponge, gently wash adhesive completely from the surface of the wallcovering immediately after each strip is hung. Any adhesive left on the wallcovering can, at a later date, attack the surface-printed inks and cause them to flake. 


Our wallpaper is manufactured with responsibly-sourced fiber by suppliers who adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry chain of custody programs.


Gently wipe clean with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth with mild soap and water. We always suggest testing your cleaning method in a discreet spot on the wall before implementing in a large area. Do not use commercial cleaners or scrub.

U.S. & International Shipping

All North American shipping is via UPS/ Fedex ground unless otherwise specified, and delivery times vary according to shipping zone. Eskayel cannot be held responsible for delays once the package is in transit. Whenever possible we recycle boxes and packaging material, so if your order comes in a used box think of it as our tiny contribution to saving the planet from more waste. Orders over $100 require a signature unless specifically waived by the end receiver. If signature delivery is waived, Eskayel is released from any and all  liability for missing packages. Fees apply for address changes made after an order has shipped and for returned packages.

Eskayel does ship internationally to most countries around the world. Canada and Mexico are both considered international. We ship with a USMCA certification on all goods. However, orders over $20 sent via commercial carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc) may incur clearing fees and taxes which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Disclaimer: Many countries charge import duties and/or custom’s fees which are the responsibility of the buyer and are paid upon delivery by the buyer. Eskayel cannot estimate these fees as they vary from order to order. If you are unaware if your country charges duties or what the duties will be, please contact your postal authorities to receive more information.

Returns & Exchanges

Eskayel does not accept returns. All of our products are custom made to order, and we highly recommend purchasing samples before ordering larger goods. If you believe your product to be defective and it has not been used or installed, please contact us within 10 days of delivery so we can review your issue.

Product Variation

Due to the bespoke and small batch nature of our products, variations can occur. Fluctuations in the digital printing process, textures of woven natural fibers, and small custom dying of yarn are all issues that can contribute to variation but also offer a one of a kind feeling to our  products. We strive to retain a standard consistency but allowances are made for up to a 10% tolerance of variation.

Further Questions?

Please visit our Help page or Contact Us with your inquiry.

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Looking for Commercial Use?

All of our patterns are available on contract-grade wall-coverings, textiles, carpets, and rugs.